Can I add Mathematical terms and equations in a question or answer?
Yes, you can. We have LaTeX enabled in our site. Feel free to use it.

How do I add a solution to any question?
Just click on the question and you will find an answers tab to put your answer in it, below the question.
However, you must be logged in.

How can a new user register in the website?
Press the Log In button. You will find a Register option. Click it and fill necessary details to register.

I am a student but I would like to take a session/ webinar. Is that possible?
Yes, we love to have student speakers for our webinars too. Kindly mail us at [email protected] or fill our Contact form, mentioning the proper subject. We’ll get back to you.

Can I be a part of this Mathematical community?
Yes, you can be a part of this community. In fact, more we grow, more we spread the knowledge. Kindly fill the Contact form and we’ll get back to you.

I run an NGO/ I know certain under privileged students who are enthusiastic in Mathematics. Does PiParadox help them?
Yes. One of our aims is to help the under privileged brilliant minds, enthusiastic about the subject. Please help by letting us know and we’ll be glad to help them.

Can the webinars be viewed later?
Yes, they are available in our Youtube Channel. Please follow the link:

How can I draw a graph and attach it in a Question or Answer?
You can use our Graph Calculator and after plotting the graph, copy it and use in either your question or answer as needed.

Can I request a book which is not currently present on the website?
Sure. Just fill the contact form with necessary information and we’ll try our level best. Once available, it will be up in our website.