September (date – tbc), Mathematical Institute, Oxford.

Do you know the role of mathematics and mathematician in Public Policy?

Mathematical thinking, from concepts, theories and models, to the “art of the possible” are NOT merely confined to developing capability within the public sector, but support both capability and policy development. One cannot have a policy without being informed of what is possible and practicable, both for government and regulators, as well as for market players. Mathematics at Oxford is already contributing to public policy formulation and decision-making through quantitative process models, risk assessments, forecasting and complex system simulations. These activities interface across a number of government departments and institutions: including the Home Office, DCMS, the Biometrics Commissioner, DEFRA, the Bank of England, MOD, GCHQ and National Security


Increasing “evidence-based decision making” requires deep knowledge of what is or isn’t possible. Therefore, many of the early career mathematicians need some basic information, encouragement and mentoring in order to consider how their own careers might involve policy-impact elements, and how their knowledge and research may be useful. This is the aim of a “Mathematics and Policy” one-day event, MAPO 2020, to be held in September at the Mathematical Institute. The aim of this new MAPO 2020 project is to pull together various national exemplars of math policy influence and impact, and the relevant expertise, from across Oxford’s Mathematical Institute, and from UK math folk beyond Oxford, in order to inspire and inform graduate students, and early career mathematicians so that they may consider how they could contribute via their own research and/or by seeking careers within relevant policy sectors.

We will engage directly with policymakers across a number of government departments and public institutions inviting speakers to share their experiences and views.

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