Squirres,Turing & excitability- mathematical modelling in Biology, Ecology and Medicine

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Tune in with Philip Maini on 27th May,2020(17:00).

Philip K. Maini received his B.A. in mathematics from Balliol College, Oxford, in 1982 and his DPhil in 1985 under the supervision of Prof J.D. Murray, FRS. He spent a year teaching at Eton College before returning to Oxford in 1987 as a postdoc at the WCMB and a Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College.

His present research projects include the modelling of avascular and vascular tumors, normal and abnormal wound healing, and a number of applications of               mathematical modelling in pattern formation in early development, as well as the theoretical analysis of the mathematical models that arise in all these applications

To know more visit: https://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/node/35264 Watch live: