All webinars are free to educators until June 30, 2020!

JUMP Math regularly runs webinars led by one of our Outreach Managers.  Webinars are delivered via the internet using Webex Meetings

About JUMP Math-

JUMP Math is a charitable organization working to create a numerate society.

JUMP Math is a numeracy program. JUMP Math is dedicated to enhancing the potential in children by encouraging an understanding and a love of math in students and educators. JUMP Math replaces the self-fulfilling myth that some people are born with mathematical ability while others do not have the ability to succeed with assumptions that all children can be led to think mathematically.

JUMP Math draws on the latest cognitive science research to build upon the best aspects of math programs from around the world to provide a unique combination of depth, careful scaffolding, continuous assessment and a variety of innovative instructional approaches.

The JUMP Math numeracy program was started in 1998 by mathematician and playwright, Dr. John Mighton. JUMP Math became a registered charity in 2002. JUMP has grown rapidly and is currently being used by over 15,000 students in the United States, more than 150,000 in Canada, and approximately 12,000 in Spain.

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