Alice has a deck of 36 cards

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Alice has a deck of ce5d3cbb9ab0a992ed503c2d4499e4f4af2f9d65 cards, c7cab1a05e1e0c1d51a6a219d96577a16b7abf9d suits of bf2c9074b396e3af0dea52d792660eea1c77f10f cards each. She picks any 5e7a1b6098a8c98b8e4adae526aeef4b91712620 cards and gives the rest to Bob. Now each turn Alice picks any of her cards and lays it face-up onto the table, then Bob similarly picks any of his cards and lays it face-up onto the table. If this pair of cards has the same suit or the same value, Bob gains a point. What is the maximum number of points he can guarantee regardless of Alice’s actions?

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